Which google camera is better


Google Camera is the camera app that Google uses on their phones (Pixel and Nexus). Compared to other brands, pictures taken with this app are usually more detailed and have better dynamic range, especially in harsh environments (low light, indoors, etc.).

While Google Camera (GCam) can be installed on most Android phones, the features that make it a good photo app don’t work on phones from other manufacturers. For example, a photo is taken, but Google’s HDR+ technology is not used, which gives GCam an advantage over other applications.

This mod or port was created to unlock these features on non-Google devices. Several developers and modders are working on enabling all features and fixing bugs on other phones. Since Google only made GCam work on their phones, there is a lot of work to be done to make it work on other devices.

Which google camera is better to install

This is not a typical app that you can find in the Play Store. For example, to install, you need to download an .apk file (the file format used by Android apps) and then open it with a file manager. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to do.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question which Google camera is better. You can start by using the suggested versions. These are apks/versions that work on many devices.

Another good way to find the right version for your phone is to check threads or forum groups (like XDA).

You can also view the developer pages. In the description of each developer / modder you will find your phone. If they own the same device as you, then their versions will probably work on your phone.

Important! Not all compatible phone models are listed on the developer page or in the description of a specific version of the Gcam mod. Many models are listed on the attached config page, if available.

After finding a working version, stay tuned for future updates from the same modder as they may be compatible with your device.

Why are there so many versions?

First of all, if the version you are using works fine, there is no need to try all new versions. If something is broken or you want to try new features, then yes, keep testing new versions.


To improve photo quality, unlock new features, fix bugs on their phones, support new ones, etc., developers should share their new versions of mods. Users can then test them and report bugs. Some of these versions work, some don’t. Some of these versions of Google Camera are better than others, and that’s why it’s important to be part of a community where everyone leaves reviews.

I upload everything to the download page whenever possible because I can’t test new versions on all phones. Sometimes the test version works with bugs on a certain phone, but works very well on other phones.

Differences between developers

Here you will see names such as Arnova8G2, Urnyx05, BSG, etc. These are the aliases of the people modding GCam. Some modders only support one phone, others support multiple devices. Some add new features, while others try to keep the functionality as simple as possible.

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