Which google camera is better


This is a unique camera application originally developed by Google for use on their smartphones, such as Pixel and Nexus. Compared to similar applications from other developers (as well as stock camera apps from other phone manufacturers), photos taken with GCam usually exhibit a high level of detail and a wider dynamic range, especially in low-light conditions or indoors.

However, despite the fact that the Google Camera app can theoretically be installed on most Android smartphones, its key features that make it outstanding for photography often do not work on devices from other manufacturers. For example, the Google HDR+ technology, which gives GCam an edge in terms of photo quality, may not always be available.

To unlock these features on devices not manufactured by Google, modifications and ports have been created. Several developers and modders are currently working on integrating all the capabilities and fixing issues on various mobile devices. This is a significant amount of work as Google restricts GCam to work on non-Pixel devices.

Which Google Camera is better to install

This software is not a typical app that you can find on the Google Play Store. To install it, you need to download the .apk file (the format used for Android applications) and then open it using a file manager. Don’t worry; this process is very easy to do.

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Note: Before installing, I recommend checking for Camera2 API support on your Android device.

It is impossible to definitively answer which Google Camera version is the best. You can start by using recommended versions that are considered compatible with many devices.

It is also helpful to explore forums (e.g., XDA Developers, 4PDA) and Telegram groups to find a suitable version for your smartphone.

Browsing developer pages can also be useful. In the descriptions of the developer or modder, you can find information about the devices they support. If a developer owns a similar device to yours, it increases the likelihood of compatibility between GCam versions and your smartphone.

Important: The developer’s page or the description of a specific Gcam mod version may not list all compatible phone models. Many models are listed on the configuration pages, if available.

After finding a working version, it is recommended to keep an eye out for updates from the same developer, as they may be compatible with your device.

Why are there so many versions?

First and foremost, if the current version works fine on your device, there’s no need to experiment with new versions. However, if you encounter issues or want to try out new features, you can consider testing newer versions.

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Developers regularly release new versions of modifications to improve photo quality, unlock new features, fix issues on various smartphone models, support new devices, and make other improvements. These versions may be more optimized or offer additional capabilities. Some of them may work better on specific devices, so it’s important to keep an eye on updates and community feedback.

I strive to provide all available versions on the GCam Hub download page because it’s impossible to conduct comprehensive testing of new versions on all possible smartphones. Sometimes, a test version may have problems on one device but work flawlessly on another.

Differences between developers

On forums and websites, you will come across various developers such as Arnova8G2, Urnyx05, BSG, Shamim, Hasli, BigKaka, and many others. These are pseudonyms of individuals involved in GCam modification. Each of them may specialize in specific smartphone models or certain features. Some add new capabilities, while others aim to simplify the interface and make the application more user-friendly.

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