YouTube ReVanced for Android


YouTube ReVanced is an alternative version of the official YouTube app that provides additional features such as playing in the background, ad blocking, the ability to return the dislikes feature and others. This app is developed by the community and offers an improved user experience while watching videos.

To install YouTube ReVanced on Android, you can use ReVanced Manager which helps users to create their own version of the app. SponsorBlock is also available, which allows you to skip segments with ads in videos. The app is not an official Google product and its installation is done through special procedures.

Main functions

  • Ad blocking: YouTube ReVanced blocks all in-app advertisements, including banners, video ads, and sponsored content.
  • Play in the background: With YouTube ReVanced, you can continue playing audio from videos even after you close the app or lock the screen.
  • Download videos:You can download videos to your device to watch without an internet connection.
  • Picture-in-Picture mode:This feature allows you to continue watching videos in a small window while you use other applications on your device.
  • User Interface Customizations: YouTube ReVanced offers a number of customization options, including changing the theme, color scheme, and other visual elements of the app.
  • Change video resolution: With this feature, you can force a video resolution in YouTube ReVanced, even if the video creator has set a lower quality.
  • Swipe Gestures:You can use swipe gestures to control the brightness and volume of the video you’re watching.
  • Auto Repeat: This feature automatically repeats the video after it ends, without having to press the repeat button.
  • Turn off recommendations: You can turn off video recommendations on the home screen and in the recommended videos section so that you can watch only videos that interest you, without distracting content.
  • No Google Play Services required: YouTube ReVanced works on devices that don’t have Google Play Services installed, making it a popular choice for users who prefer not to use Google services or have root access to their Android devices.


YouTube ReVanced offers a number of customization options that allow users to customize the app to their liking. Here are some of the available settings options:

  • Theme: You can choose the theme of the application: light or dark. This can be helpful in reducing eye strain, especially when using the app at night.
  • Colors: You can customize the app’s colors, including the background, text, and icons. This will help make the application more unique and personalized.
  • Layout: You can change the layout of the application according to your preferences. This includes the ability to change the size and position of the video player, as well as the placement of other elements in the application.
  • Language: You can select the language to use in the application to use it in your preferred language.
  • Accessibility: YouTube ReVanced includes accessibility features such as text resizing and color inversion, making it easier for people with visual impairments to use.
  • Advanced Options: For more experienced users, YouTube ReVanced also offers additional options, such as the ability to force HDR mode or change the codec for video playback.

Blocking sponsors

Sponsor Block is a unique feature of YouTube ReVanced that allows users to skip sponsored content in videos. When activated,Sponsor Blockuses data collected by the community to detect and skip sections of videos that contain sponsored content or advertising.

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How it works:

  1. Timestamp Analysis: Sponsor Block analyzes user-generated timestamps for sponsored segments in videos.
  2. Shared Database: These tags are collected in a common database.
  3. Auto Skip: When a user watches a video with a sponsored segment, YouTube ReVanced checks the database for a matching timestamp. If present, the sponsored segment is automatically skipped, allowing the user to continue browsing without interruption.

Sponsor Block is popular among YouTube ReVanced users because it allows you to avoid unwanted sponsorships and ads in videos, providing a better video viewing experience. Additionally, it helps support content creators who depend on sponsorships for income, as Sponsor Block only allows sponsored content through without affecting other parts of the video.

Returning YouTube™ dislikes

Show Dislikes is a feature of YouTube ReVanced that allows users to see the number of dislikes on videos, even if the number has been hidden by the video creator. This feature is useful for users who want to see a complete picture of a video’s popularity, including both likes and dislikes.

How it works:

  1. Sending dislike requests: ReVanced sends dislike requests to a private server where they are stored and queried, bypassing the video creator’s attempt to hide the number of dislikes.
  2. Does not violate YouTube policies: It is important to note that this feature does not violate YouTube’s terms of service or any laws as it does not modify the video or interfere with the operation of the YouTube platform.

YouTube ReVanced for Android features

  • Repeat the current video for continuous viewing: Now you can watch your favorite video again and again.
  • Client spoofing to play restricted content: Now you can watch even restricted videos.
  • Hide comment-related components for a cleaner view: Simplified interface without unnecessary elements.
  • Adding convenient buttons in the player to copy links to videos: Now you can do this quickly and easily.
  • Customize your YouTube launcher icon and name, default to ReVanced: Add a little personality to your experience.
  • Disable YouTube Shorts playback when launching the app: If you don’t want to see short videos, this is a handy option.
  • Disable automatic forced subtitles: Now you decide when to turn on subtitles.
  • Hide the video description and comment panel in full-screen view: This will help simplify the interface and remove unnecessary elements.
  • Disable automatic appearance of panels in full-screen view (playlist or chat): Now you control when they appear.
  • Disable haptic feedback when zooming in: This may be useful for ease of use.
  • Advanced debugging options for troubleshooting: If you encounter problems, you can easily resolve them.
  • Ability to download and save YouTube videos using an external application: Convenient if you want to save videos for viewing without access to the Internet.
  • Automatically adjust HDR video brightness to system settings: Your viewing experience will be more comfortable.
  • Hide YouTube Shorts-specific components for a cleaner interface: Easier to navigate.
  • Remove generic advertisements that appear during video playback: Enjoy watching without unnecessary advertisements.
  • Suppressing the display of album cards under artist descriptions: Now they will not interfere with viewing.
  • Removing the autoplay button from the video player interface: You decide when to start playing.
  • Removing the shelf with current news from the main page: Easier to navigate on the main page.
  • Hide the subtitle button on the video player interface: If you don’t use subtitles, this will simplify the interface.
  • Hide the transfer to device (casting) button in the video player: For those who do not use this function.
  • Hide the crowdfunding block between the player and video description: Now this block will not distract you from watching.
  • Hide your email address in the account switching menu for increased privacy: Your personal data will remain safe.
  • Hide recommended graphics cards at the end of full-screen videos: This will help keep the interface clean.
  • Removing the filter panel in the video feed for a cleaner look: Now easier to navigate.
  • Removing the floating microphone button that appears during search: No unnecessary elements in the interface.
  • Hide info cards in videos to reduce clutter so you can focus on the content.
  • Hide various common layout components for a simpler interface: Easier and more convenient.
  • Removing the button that loads related videos under the main video player: No more distracting offers.
  • Providing the option to hide the previous and next video buttons in the video player: Choose which buttons you prefer to use.
  • Hide dark background overlay when video player controls are visible: Cleaner UI look.
  • Hide the video progress slider: Easier to follow your content.
  • Hide the time display in the video player interface: Now you can focus on watching the video without distractions.
  • Hide action buttons under videos for a cleaner look: This will help simplify the interface and remove unnecessary elements.
  • Removing creator watermarks from videos: Now there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your viewing without interference.
  • Minimized and background playback for multitasking: You can continue browsing even when the app is minimized or in the background.
  • Customize or hide navigation buttons for personalization: Choose which buttons you prefer to use.
  • Old video quality interface with advanced options: For those who prefer more detailed quality settings.
  • Open links directly in the browser: This allows for smoother switching between the application and external resources.
  • Custom playback speeds and memory of selected speed settings: Customize playback to suit your preferences.
  • Hide specific items in the player dropdown menu: For a cleaner look and feel.
  • Premium Branding on Home Screen: Add a little style to your browsing experience.
  • Remembering the selected video quality using the quality drop-down menu: This is convenient for later viewing.
  • Removing background from video player controls: For a cleaner look.
  • Displaying the number of dislikes using the YouTube Dislike Return API: Now you can see how many people disliked the video.
  • Tap Search on Scroll Slider: Now you can quickly move through your video by simply tapping the scroll bar.
  • SponsorBlock integration: Skip video segments such as sponsored content with this feature.
  • YouTube trick: The app makes YouTube understand that you are using an old version, restoring the familiar interface.
  • Swipe controls for volume and brightness: You can now adjust volume and brightness by swiping your finger on the screen.
  • Mini Player for Tablets: Improved layout for easier viewing on tablets.
  • Custom Theme: Customize the appearance of the application with a unique style.
  • Run without root access and under a different package name with Vanced MicroG: This allows you to use YouTube ReVanced without the need for root privileges.
  • Remove ads from video player: Enjoy watching without interruptions.
  • Replacing the search icon with a wide search bar: When searching is activated, the YouTube logo is hidden.

Download Youtube ReVanced latest version

YouTube ReVanced is a full featured app. It includes original YouTube Vanced elements. After installing the application, you will be able to listen to music in the background while performing other tasks.

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For those who miss the dislike button, it will return to its place. Settings allow you to control playback speed, turn off ads, and remove sponsored segments.

There are many YouTube alternatives in the market, but ReVanced remains one of the best apps that offers basic and premium features with unlimited access.

This means you get a premium experience with high-quality videos and an incredible streaming experience.

The apk file contains various patches including elements of the Magisk module framework. Before enjoying the benefits, make sure you have Magisk module framework installed on your rooted device.

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APK file

  • Download APK and MicroG file and install on any Android device.
  • Easy installation: No special Android knowledge required.
  • MicroG must be installed before installing APK files.
  • Be sure to uninstall the previous version before installing the new APK.
  • Extended version developed by inotia00.
ReVanced_Extended_Dark_v19.11.43 .apk
Download MicroG
Download Xiaomi / Huawei MicroG
Possible problems and their solutions
  1. Delete the old VancedMicroG / mMicroG, if it was previously installed. On some firmware, you must first delete the account (s) added by this MicroG (in the phone settings), followed by clearing the MicroG data.
  2. Install the latest version of ReVanced GmsCore.
  3. Reboot the phone.
  4. Install the corrected ReVanced YouTube to work with the new ReVanced GmsCore.
  5. Go to ReVanced GmsCore, open the first item, Performance Check, go to the very bottom and click on the Power Optimization item, there we set the mode to No Restrictions, or something similar, since different firmwares are different.
    If you wish, you can give the rest of the permissions you need by clicking on the items at the top (not on the checkboxes).
    Points 1 and 3 may be inactive, since most likely they are for the root version.
  6. Add your Google account.
    On new versions of GmsCore, they added a separate login button for Huawei, or other vendors without Google services.
    If the error “Could not connect to Google servers” appears, go to GmsCore again to the second item Google Accounts and uncheck the Authentication through device registration checkbox there (it will be 3rd there).
  7. Reboot the phone.
  8. Open ReVanced YouTube and enjoy life while you still can.
  9. If it stops for a minute, reboot the phone again.
    You can also try temporarily enabling ReVanced – General layout – Spoof app version.
    Some users write that it helps, after it stops freezing, you can turn it off.
    Something prevents the program signature from being correctly replaced, because of this Google’s verification fails, Google sees that this is not the original client and stops the video from loading.

More options from users:

  1. Reboot the device after adding a microG GmsCore account.
  2. Switch to and exit Incognito mode.
  3. In the device settings, in the battery section. Allow ReVanced not to save battery.

Magisk module

  • If you want to install this module, you will need a rooted device with Magisk Su. MicroG is not required.
  • You will need technical knowledge to install this version.
  • MicroG is optional.
  • Installation may be a little more complicated than installing via APK.
  • To detach dependencies from the Play Store, you need to install the MinDetach module.
MinDetach Module

Differences between Vanced and ReVanced

Here’s a comparison of the differences between Vanced and ReVanced in a more structured format:

Function Vanced ReVanced
Customization Options Limited Custom branding options available
Playback speed Default mode only Custom playback speed settings
YouTube Shorts Cannot be disabled Can be disabled in the application
Premium settings The message “Get Premium” appears Premium subscription is disabled
Creator Watermark Visible Can be hidden in the application
Premium branding Not available Available on YouTube

ReVanced appears to offer more customization and control over the user interface compared to Vanced, including the ability to disable certain features and customize others to suit the user’s preferences. It’s important to note that both apps are third-party and not officially affiliated with YouTube, so users should proceed with caution and read YouTube’s terms of service.

What is YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced was indeed a popular third-party app that provided YouTube Premium-like features such as ad blocking, background playback, and dark theme for free. Due to these features, the app has gained a significant user base. However, it was not affiliated with the official YouTube app, and its distribution of premium features without payment led to legal issues, which ultimately led to its demise.

After this, a new project called YouTube ReVanced appeared. This project aims to continue the legacy of YouTube Vanced by offering similar features and improvements. It’s important to note that while these apps provide additional features, they are not officially supported by YouTube and users should be careful due to potential risks, including security and privacy issues, when using unofficial apps.

Those interested in using YouTube ReVanced are encouraged to download it from reputable sources and stay informed of any changes in law or policy that may affect its availability and use.

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Please be aware that using such applications may violate YouTube’s terms of service and may potentially result in restrictions on your account. Always consider the consequences and ensure you comply with the relevant terms and policies.

How to install YouTube ReVanced APK on Android?

The APK file can be installed on any device, whether the phone is rooted or not. You will need MicroG to run the application using your Google account.

Follow these steps to install and run the app on your device.

Step 1: Download MicroG apk file from our website.

Step 2: Click on the MicroG apk file and select Allow from this source.

Allow from this source

Step 3: Then click “Install” and wait for the installation to complete.

Install MicroG

Step 4: Download YouTube Revanced APK for Android.

Step 5: After downloading the APK file on your device, tap on the APK file and start the installation.

Step 6: After a few minutes, the installation will be completed and you will be ready to use the application on your device.

Install Revanced APK

Step 7: Find the app icon on your device. Click to open the application.

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Step 8: Go to the account icon and log in to your Gmail account to access your account in this client.

All your YouTube history and subscriptions will be downloaded automatically.

Now you are ready to use the new updated Youtube app. Use the customization features to make the necessary changes and enjoy the fantastic features of the application.

How to install YouTube ReVanced Magisk module?

YouTube ReVanced Magisk module can be installed on any rooted Android device at the system level. This way, the app can easily access Google accounts associated with Google Play services.

Follow these steps to flash the Magisk module and run the app on your device.

Step 1. Download the ReVanced Magisk module from the download section above.

Step 2: Now open the Magisk app on your device.

Step 3: Click “Modules” in the bottom right corner.

Install the Magisk application

Step 4: After that, click on “Install from repository”.

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Step 5: Now select the downloaded .zip file and open it.

Flash YouTube Revanced

Step 6: The flashing process will begin. Wait until the “reboot” button appears.

Step 7: Now go back and download the MinDetach Magisk module.

Step 8: Flash it by following steps 3-6 above and finally “reboot”.

The MinDetach module disables YouTube/Music from Google Play. This will avoid automatic updates. We recommend flashing this module as well.