Twitch MOD (Ad-freee) + PurpleTV


Twitch is a live streaming platform where users can watch games, venues, as well as social events and various other types of content. This application allows users to watch, comment and participate in broadcasts, as well as subscribe to streamers they like and follow their activity, as well as receive notifications of new streams. The Twitch app for Android provides the ability to chat with other viewers and receive notifications of new broadcasts and channels. In addition, the platform also offers the ability to create your own broadcasts and stream your game or other content. Twitch is a very popular platform that has many users from different countries and cultures.

Twitch Mod is a modified version of the Twitch app that adds additional features and functionality to the original app.

Twitch Mod offers various additional features, such as the ability to download videos and streams, disable ads, and stream reminders. Some versions of Twitch Mod also offer additional features such as the ability to play multiple streams at the same time, record streams to your hard drive, and save chats.

However, it is worth noting that Twitch is a platform with a strict modification policy. A modified version of the app may violate Twitch policy and result in the suspension of the user’s account. Therefore, use the mod at your own peril and risk.

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  • BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ emoticons;
  • FrankerFaceZ icons;
  • autoclicker to collect channel points;
  • view chat for banned users;
  • stream time;
  • view deleted messages in a chat;
  • broadcast statistics;
  • player choice: Exoplayer V2 or TwitchCore player;
  • timestamps;
  • floating chat;
  • gestures;
  • changing the font size in chat;
  • and much more.

Download instructions here

Download Twitch Mod 13.0.0

PurpleTV mod v1.30/b1014 Twitch 14.6.1

PurpleTV mod features:

  • client, proxy and server ad blockers;
  • custom icon and splash;
  • fixed localizations;
  • emoticons BTTV/FFZ/7TV/Homies;
  • FFZ/FFZAP/7TV/Chatterino/Homies icons;
  • personal pronoun icons (;
  • autoclicker for bonus channel points;
  • history of chat messages;
  • blacklist of words/phrases in chat;
  • local logging of messages of individual users;
  • favorite emoticons;
  • disable forced stream update when there is a large delay;
  • vibrate when mentioned;
  • filter/highlight chat messages;
  • chat ban bypass (without the ability to send messages);
  • player choice: TwitchCore/Exoplayer (+additional tweaks);
  • swipper – adjust volume and brightness by vertical swipe;
  • cosmetic interface tweaks: hiding and resizing individual elements of the player, chat and main sections;
  • VOD speed adjustment in settings;
  • VODHunter – free viewing of subscription-only VODs;
  • download clips;
  • built-in OTA-update, etc.

Download instructions here

Download PurpleTV v1.30

Twitch MOD Lite (Ad-freee) + ReVanced


  • patches applied: block-audio-ads, block-embedded-ads, block-video-ads, show-deleted-messages;
  • languages: EN/RU;
  • removed analytics and advertising;
  • removed duplicate graphics. The rest is optimized;
  • removed debug information;
  • removed logging;
  • “UltraZip” compression.

Download Twitch MOD for Android instructions here

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