Saving GCam Portrait Photos in the Main Camera Folder


By default, Google Camera creates a separate folder for each photo taken in portrait mode. While this works seamlessly with the Google Photos app, it can be problematic if you use a different gallery app or simply prefer to keep everything in one folder. Here’s how you can fix it.

Solution in GCam

In some modified versions of Google Camera, there is a setting that allows you to save photos in the main /DCIM/Camera directory. This option is only available in certain versions and may be hidden by default (go to “About” -> “Advanced settings”) and enable advanced mode.

Unfortunately, this feature is unstable in many GCam versions, and you may lose some photos, so think twice before enabling it.

Save to DCIM

Third-Party App Solution

You can use a different app to move the images to the main folder after capturing them. Since the setting in GCam is unstable, this is likely the better option.

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Important: Make sure to disable the “Save to /DCIM/Camera” setting in GCam.

GCam Portrait Merger (Free)

Created by XDA member NullPointer, this is a free and straightforward app to use. Currently, you need to open the app and manually press the “Merge now” button, but the developer is working on making it work automatically.

To download this app and get support, visit its XDA thread. Mirror download link:


GCam Tool (Freemium)

This app allows you to address some limitations of GCam. The free version allows you to manually move portrait photos, while the paid upgrade offers even more features:

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  • Prevent reflection of photos from the front camera.
  • Select which photos you want to move.
  • Choose custom source and destination folders.
  • Batch move multiple files.
  • Ability to delete the subfolder created by Google Camera.

Download: Play Store