Realme X2 64MP/32MP RAW Activator – Magisk Module


This module provides all RAW capabilities on the front (32MP) and rear (64MP) cameras of Realme X2. Author Wyroczen.


  • Magisk Module:
  • Magisk Module:
  • Module Magisk:
  • Module Magisk:

Change log:


  • longer exposure times (this is a test version, applications will show 46s, but 32 should work (it was only 16.1s in third-party applications before));
  • full resolution 9280 × 6944


  • best frame rate in 64MP mode;
  • Exposure times up to 75s on the main sensor (for example, you can check them on an open camera).


  • 15.9 megapixel mode changed to 16.1 megapixel (for binned mode).


  • You can now enable EIS v2.

Additional information:

  • This module breaks the normal mode of the standard application for both the main and front cameras (portrait and video will work).
  • 32MP should work in other GCams too, for 64MP you can use my new GCam.< /li>


  • Flash with Magisk like any other module.


  • I tested it on the latest Android 10 RUI and heard that it works with custom ROMs as well.

Notes: If you want to support the work of Wyroczen, here is his PayPal: