Google Camera for Xiaomi [Gcam APK]


Google Camera for Xiaomi is a port of the official camera application for Pixel devices from Google. These ports are famous for their advanced functionality and abundance of fine-tuning settings, thanks to which devices from this manufacturer receive significant improvements in photo quality compared to stock cameras.

How to download Google Camera for Xiaomi

First, download the GCam APK file from a trusted source such as our website It should be noted that newer versions may not always work stably on different device models, even from the same manufacturer. Also, new versions may not always give better results than previous and more stable ones. The fact is that the operating algorithms and software processing of images change from version to version. In addition, do not forget for which devices this application was created, and that these are still ported versions. Therefore, modders need time to make the application as compatible as possible with other devices, which is not always the case. In addition, there is a high probability that you will have to select some settings for a specific device in order to get the port to work.

The compatibility of Google Camera with Xiaomi is at a fairly high level, but it is still worth considering that full functionality on all models cannot be guaranteed. This is partly due to the fact that some models are produced on MTK chips, which limit the possibility of use, for example, Sabre (Super Res Zoom). It was also noted that some models may not have support for the RAW10 format required for Sabre to work, even on flagship devices.

However, many developers are working hard to ensure that their GCam ports for Xiaomi work on as many models as possible, creating specially modified versions.

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The procedure for installing an application on phone models from this manufacturer, as a rule, does not cause any difficulties – everything happens the same way as with any other APK installed from unknown sources. Typically, mods are presented on download pages as multiple APK files with different package names. In the case of Xiaomi, you can install any one – it’s all the same version. You can install several nearby at once. They won’t interfere with each other’s work, but may be useful for those who like to compare photos with different settings.

You can download Gcam on Xiaomi for the following phone models:

To obtain the most optimal quality and compatibility settings, it is additionally recommended to visit the config file sections on the website and look for the one suitable for your device model.