AGC ToolKit (GCamTools): An application for creating GCam configs


AGC ToolKit is an application created by the developer AGC @bigkaka, designed to assist users with intermediate and advanced expertise, as well as GCam XML config developers. It enables the copying of profiles between lenses for settings (to avoid re-entering the same values for identical profiles on different lenses) and/or using a “custom” patcher for advanced customization of profiles and the creation of more individualized parameters.

User Guide for AGC ToolKit (please read before use).



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  • Fixed configuration file doesn’t show when you import.


  • Added hex values calculate.


  • Added address copy icon in pop windows.
  • Fixed profile cannot copy problem.
  • Replace the bottom icon.
  • Increase the touch range of the copy button.


  • Added copy/delete configuration function.
  • Increase copy button size.


  • Added watermark.
  • Patch details page UI.


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  • Added watermark function.
  • Fixed Google play version can’t select agc format bug.


  • We have now updated GcamTools to version 4.0 and renamed it to AGC ToolKit.
  • Supports downloading, loading LUT (Look-Up Table), and using LUT for processing your photos.


  • Added dynamically and compare before saving, now you can apply lut And see the effect.
  • Now bar、icon、font consistent with xiaomi13 pro.
  • Added lut category.
  • Added like function.
  • Added title, gallery and category to post lut page.
  • Added Edit icon to My Post page.


  • Added Following, Followers.
  • Added LUT Oldest list, Search, Delete.
  • Bookmark category use All default.
  • Fixed some photos automatically rotate after adding watermarks.
  • Fixed lut intensity slider bar.
  • Fixed Watermark lose Exif.


  • Added Google Authorization Login.
  • Added LUT visible, you can hide it for others.
  • Added edit button to Lut details page.
  • Added image preloading to Lut details page.
  • Fixed Lut search page display abnormality.
  • Fixed adding watermarks and lut cause automatic rotation of pictures.


  • Added Hasselblad watermark.
  • Redesign the Lut operation interface to support multiple LUT processing for the same image.
  • Added a new cropping function, you can crop the picture first, and then add watermarks and LUTs.


  • Added local lut.
  • Using the GPU to speed up LUT processing.


  • Added custom watermark logo.


  • LUT Apply button added Watermark and Crop.
  • Share info added ⚙️ : Who’s XML.
  • Fixed xml configuration missing Lens IDs.


  • Select CUBE files to automatically format into PNG, switch LUT for real-time response.


  • Improve CUBE processing speed, now the speed of CUBE format and png is the same.
  • Show CUBE or png format when you processing LUT.
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