AGC ToolKit (GCamTools): An application for creating GCam configs


AGC ToolKit is an application created by the developer @bigkaka, designed to assist users with intermediate and advanced expertise, as well as GCam XML config developers. It enables the copying of profiles between lenses for settings (to avoid re-entering the same values for identical profiles on different lenses) and/or using a “custom” patcher for advanced customization of profiles and the creation of more individualized parameters.



  • Fixed configuration file doesn’t show when you import.


  • Added hex values calculate.


  • Added address copy icon in pop windows.
  • Fixed profile cannot copy problem.
  • Replace the bottom icon.
  • Increase the touch range of the copy button.


  • Added copy/delete configuration function.
  • Increase copy button size.


  • Added watermark.
  • Patch details page UI.


  • Added watermark function.
  • Fixed Google play version can’t select agc format bug.


  • We have now updated GcamTools to version 4.0 and renamed it to AGC ToolKit.
  • Supports downloading, loading LUT (Look-Up Table), and using LUT for processing your photos.


  • Added dynamically and compare before saving, now you can apply lut And see the effect.
  • Now bar, icon, font consistent with xiaomi13 pro.
  • Added lut category.
  • Added like function.
  • Added title, gallery and category to post lut page.
  • Added Edit icon to My Post page.


  • Added Following, Followers.
  • Added LUT Oldest list, Search, Delete.
  • Bookmark category use All default.
  • Fixed some photos automatically rotate after adding watermarks.
  • Fixed lut intensity slider bar.
  • Fixed Watermark lose Exif.


  • Added Google Authorization Login.
  • Added LUT visible, you can hide it for others.
  • Added edit button to Lut details page.
  • Added image preloading to Lut details page.
  • Fixed Lut search page display abnormality.
  • Fixed adding watermarks and lut cause automatic rotation of pictures.


  • Added Hasselblad watermark.
  • Redesign the Lut operation interface to support multiple LUT processing for the same image.
  • Added a new cropping function, you can crop the picture first, and then add watermarks and LUTs.


  • Added local lut.
  • Using the GPU to speed up LUT processing.


  • Added custom watermark logo.


  • LUT Apply button added Watermark and Crop.
  • Share info added ⚙️ : Who’s XML.
  • Fixed xml configuration missing Lens IDs.


  • Select CUBE files to automatically format into PNG, switch LUT for real-time response.


  • Improve CUBE processing speed, now the speed of CUBE format and png is the same.
  • Show CUBE or png format when you processing LUT.


  • Brand new picture editing functions, supporting Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, White balance(Temperature, Tint), Saturation, Vibrance, Vignette, etc…


  • Optimize image display logic.


  • Added profile show and hide UI.
  • Fixed the problem of missing configuration lens, which always displays from 0 to 5.
  • Fixed the problem of copying configuration and not being able to see the configuration after importing gcam.


  • Supported cubes with non-512 resolutions.
  • Fixed Apply button error.
  • Apply button downloads the lut to local and puts it first.


  • Added Arts frame watermark.
  • Added AGC config info to share info.


  • Added Arts frame card background.


  • Added xml market.


  • Added configuration Markdown view.
  • Added gcam version category for configuration.
  • Added configuration file download link.
  • Added name for bottom icon.


  • Added black Arts watermark.


  • Fixed Configuration category Top Chart Oldest not working.


  • Added community features.


  • Redesign Memonts UI.
  • Fixed account token expiration problem.


  • Added chinese new year watermark.


  • Optimize Moment click logic.


  • Add rotation function to the picture editing module.
  • Adjust UI layout.

V5.7.5 – 5.8.4

  • Fixed unable to download configuration.
    Fixed unable to like Moments.
    Fixed Art watermark error issue.
  • Added HD(high definition) function in Editer.
    Added Gray Mix function in Editer.
    Added Sharpen function in Editer.
    Fixed the problem of account not logged in.
  • Fixed crash when adding watermark on low-configuration models.
    Fixed the problem that LUT selection cannot be canceled.
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User Guide for AGC Toolkit (GCamTools)

After you have downloaded the application, I recommend that you read the user guide to make it easier for you to understand creating configs. So let’s get started.

This is what AGC Toolkit will look like immediately after installation.

Upon the first installation, the user needs to grant “Access to all files,” so please tap the “plus” button in the top right corner and provide the application access as shown below.

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How to Copy Profiles Between Lenses

How to Add Profiles

Please follow the steps mentioned above to add a profile in AGC Toolkit.
First, add the “Config” file you want to modify, then proceed as shown in the example below.

Once you tap “edit,” the display will look something like the image below.

How to Copy Profiles

Select the profiles you want to copy and press the “Copy” option, as shown above.

Choose the lenses you want to copy the profiles to.

AGC Toolkit will automatically save the configuration.

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Now you can check and use the configuration with AGC.

Note: Please be aware that you need to use the configuration with the appropriate version of the Google Camera mod.

What to Do If You See Only 2, 3, or 4 Lenses in the Loaded AGC Toolkit Configuration Instead of All 5 Lenses?

The number of lenses you see depends on the number of lenses specified in the XML configuration file.


If you see something similar, it means not all lenses are configured.

How to Fix It? Load the configuration into AGC (correct version), create a sample profile in each lens, and save it. Then load it into AGC Toolkit. You will see the additional lenses then.

Please note that the lens numbers are not in order. Therefore, you’ll need to determine which of them (2/3/4/5) corresponds to the front camera and other auxiliary lenses. Since the order cannot be specified for each user, you will need to figure out which number corresponds to “which lens” and copy accordingly.

What Does “Clear Keys” Mean?

Clearing keys removes libpatcher entries in the profiles, allowing the XML config creator to focus solely on libpatcher entries.

What Is the “Common Version”?

Since XML files contain device-specific lens identifiers where they were created, the “common version” removes lens details, making the XML file loadable on devices with different lens identifiers without losing functionality.

How to Use AGC Toolkit for Custom Patching

In each profile for each lens in AGC, there is an option for “Custom Patcher,” as shown below.
The information dialog appears as shown in the image below.

To get the “Custom Patcher,” you need to press the icon denoted in red as shown below “In AGC Toolkit.”

The libpatcher items will be displayed as shown in the image below.

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Click on the parameter you want to use for “Custom Ranges,” and the following screen will open, as shown below.

This is how XML config developers should use the aforementioned AGC Toolkit.

Please note that AGC Toolkit is still in development. Many addresses have not yet been fixed for accurate HEX value calculation. Several addresses do not have “default values” for reference. All of this requires fine-tuning.

You can download the updated AGC ToolKit help document in English and Chinese from the link below.

Includes sections:

  1. How to load sample LUTs.
  2. How to add a watermark to existing photos.
  3. How to manage AGC XML files (copy profiles).
  4. How to use bookmarks for a custom patch.

Thanks to @Sking1989 for correcting and translating the contents of the document.