Developer Settings of GCAM

Parameter Updated as of SGCam V36 (Default APP values, Many are not enabled in Default APP) Description (some of the Descriptions are updated from
android.version SGCam Specific Setting for Android Version (Donot change it)
arcore_fast_scan_compatible Compatibility support for ARCore fast scanning (augmented reality)
avc_profile_high_supported enabled Increased support for the AVC profile (h.264). In Some xmls, this causes crash. Test
beholder_enabled Disabled (for fixing Delay in Shutter)
beholder_example_Sensor_buffer_size 60
beholder_no_training_threshold 80
beholder_save_frame enabled
beholder_save_session enabled
bgae.enabled enabled
blacklisted_preview_resolutions_back black lists of sizes / formats for the main and front cameras, in which format to specify
blacklisted_preview_resolutions_front black lists of sizes / formats for the main and front cameras, in which format to specify
blacklisted_resolutions_back black lists of sizes / formats for the main and front cameras, in which format to specify
blacklisted_resolutions_front black lists of sizes / formats for the main and front cameras, in which format to specify
button.disabled_color SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.enabled_color SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_aperture_disabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_aperture_enabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_awb_disabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_awb_enabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_highres_Disabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_highres_enabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_ldr_disabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_ldr_enabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_libpatch_disabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_libpatch_enabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_shade_Disabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
button.name_shade_enabletxt SGCam Specific Settings for Buttons name and Colors
c2api.edge_mode to improve “Sharpness” in “Captured photo” (0 – OFF 1 – FAST 2 – High Quality 3 – ZSL)
c2api.noise_reduction_mode to reduce “Noise” in “Captured photo” (0 – OFF 1 – FAST 2 – High Quality 3 – ZSL)
c2api.viewfinder_noise_reduction_mode to reduce “Noise” in “Viewfinder only, just to view properly in viewfinder (and not for Photo Processing)” (0 – OFF 1 – FAST 2 – High Quality 3 – ZSL)
camcorder.24fps enabled SGCam 24fps
camcorder.3a_metadata Uses Pixel 3a config for videos. Mostly Disabled
camcorder.4k60fps enabled Enables 4k 60fps button in video and access to 60fps in 4k
camcorder.add_silent_audio enabled
camcorder.ap Enabling “Intelligible speech” settings panel on the front camera in the “Video” mode
camcorder.auto_stop_on_frame_drop enabled automatic stop when skipping frames (doesnot work properly)
camcorder.capture_rate Capture rate for Slowmo??!!
camcorder.codec_sm increased compatibility with slow motion + the ability to pause recording, there is something like “packing” a slow motion video file, a difference in the color range (Limited / Full) and codecs in metadata
camcorder.codec_video enabled increased compatibility of video shooting, something like “packaging” a video file, the difference is visible in the color range (Limited / Full), codecs and frame rate in the file metadata
camcorder.enable_dumpling enabled Enables button slowmotion-normal-timelapse in “Video settings” than in “more” menu. Actually moves the buttons for fast and slow video shooting from the “More modes” section to the “Video” section
camcorder.enable_sapphire enabled
camcorder.ext_mic_state enabled Enabling Mic in Video options, available in SGCam
camcorder.fix_crtime enabled
camcorder.front_variable_fps_range enabled
camcorder.max_zoom_30fps 5 Maximum zoom level on 30fps video (maximum zoom in video from 30fps, the main camera supports maximum zoom – 23, and the front camera – 22. Not more than these values as this will crash cam)
camcorder.max_zoom_default 3 Maximum zoom level on video. maximum zoom in the video for other modes. Again not more than 22, as this will crash cam completely
camcorder.ois enabled Uses OIS on video (Causes other problems in some phones)
camcorder.slowmo_pause enabled includes the ability to pause video shooting in slow motion mode, i.e. an additional button appears (only if the camcorder.codec_sm parameter is enabled)
camcorder.slowmo_snapshot enabled Button capture photo in slow motion. enables the ability to take a freeze frame while shooting in slow motion mode (an additional button appears) increased compatibility with slow motion + the ability to pause recording, there is something like “packing” a slow motion video file, a difference in the color range (Limited / Full) and codecs in metadata
camcorder.sm_nf 0.2
camcorder.speech_enhancement_enabled enabled Added in SGCam V35 and above for Audio/Speech Enhancement in Video
camcorder.stereo enabled Stereo audio recording. increases audio bitrate from 128kbps to 192kbps in video
camcorder.stokes_thr Thermal for stokes – Disabled
camcorder.submode 1
camcorder.trk_yuv enabled Tracking focus in video
camcorder.use_bt709 forced video recording in the bt.709 codec (4K records in bt.610 PAL and bt.709)
camcorder.use_gcamux enabled support for recording video in the “Cine Effect” stabilization mode ( if disabled, the camera freezes in this mode )
camcorder.video_file_max_size SGCam Specific – Video File max size
camcorder.vidqual_back SGCam Specific – Video Quality Back
camcorder.vidqual_front SGCam Specific – Video Quality Front
camcorder.washington enabled enables the display of the video stabilization button in the viewfinder (screen) and allows you to select the “Standard” mode (enabled by default)
camcorder.washington_a enabled Video Stabilization Options – allows you to select the “Activity” mode
camcorder.washington_c enabled Video Stabilization Options – allows you to select the “Cinema Effect” mode
camcorder.washington_edu enabled Video Stabilization Options – Enables the display of the help button when stabilization mode is selected
camcorder.washington_l enabled Video Stabilization Options – allows you to select the “Lock” mode
camcorder.washington_md Appropriate value to select the Mode of buttons display in the Popup screen (to show different types of options in video mini settings screen)
camcorder_prewire_record_surface ???
camcorder_recorder_warm_up translated as “sensor warming up”, when shooting a video, the sensor warms up (about 2 seconds), at this time the picture is not displayed, although the recording is on. Mostly “Disabled”
camcorder_slowmo.fs enabled
camera.3a.debug_meta 0
camera.3a_conv enabled
camera.60fps enabled Enables 60fps button in video. access to video to 60fps (if you disable it, it will not be 60fps and 4K, even if the parameter camcorder.4k60fps is enabled)
camera.acat_firefly_on Synthetic Fill Flash Disabled
camera.acat_force_fd Force Face Detection
camera.acat_fsc_on enabled Facial Shape Correction Enabled
camera.acat_lc_only Lens Correction Only (selfie)
camera.acat_on enabled Synthetic Fill Flash, Photo mode Enabled
camera.acat_use_mask enabled
camera.advice enabled Advice??
camera.advice.dirtylens enabled Advice about Dirty Lens
camera.advice.distance enabled Advice about distance?? Don’t work 45 0.86
camera.allow_fine_haptics enabled
camera.artemis Tracking focus in normal and night Enabled
camera.artemis_idx 5
camera.artemis_portrait Tracking focus in portrait Enabled
camera.audio_zoom enabled Audio Zoom (access to the additional functionality “Audio Zoom” in the camera settings section “Video”), may require libs/xml from Pixel 4+ Disabled Enabled
camera.auto_fps enabled Enables Auto fps button in video (access to the additional functionality “Automatic detection of the number of frames per second in video” + an additional button appears in the settings panel (possibly in the Pixel 6 Pro interface (raven) it is already available by default, perhaps this parameter is for compatibility with old interfaces))
camera.auto_fps_default enabled Enables Auto fps default button in video (enables by default “Automatic determination of the number of frames per second in video”)
camera.auto_timer_enabled Enables photobooth (the “Auto timer” button appears in the settings panel on the front camera)
camera.bind_assistant enabled
camera.catfish_flash_anim_capture_threshold_ms 2000
camera.catshark_af Night Mode Auto Focus
camera.catshark_cheese enabled Night AF in normal and portrait (display an icon for changing the night mode on the front camera)
camera.catshark_cheese_in_threshold -2 these values determine when the button shows (light sensitivity of the button on the front camera)
camera.catshark_cheese_out_threshold -1.75 these values determine when the button shows (light sensitivity of the disappearance of the button on the front camera)
camera.catshark_enabled.RESTART enabled Night button in normal and portrait (enables this interface and functionality)
camera.catshark_full_threshold -3 general/full sensitivity to light
camera.catshark_in_threshold -2.2 Night button normal thresholds (sensitivity to light of the appearance of a button on the main camera)
camera.catshark_minibar_enabled enabled informs about the current mode on the settings button (icon with a gear and an arrow), if this parameter is disabled or disable the parameters (camera.optbar.icons_on_closed_menu, camera.optbar.show_auto_flash_option, camera.optbar.standalone_settings_button) shows the current mode in the cloud
camera.catshark_out_threshold -2 Night button normal thresholds (light sensitivity of the disappearance of the button on the main camera)
camera.chameleon.enabled enabled WB Slider Option/Function Enable/Disable
camera.check_pending_vids enabled checks unwatched videos and displays a message that they can be watched shooting video (if this option is disabled and camera.use_video_resolution_option is disabled , then you will not be able to select and record accelerated video in 4K)
camera.cheetah_fullhd_enabled enabled Time lapse full HD
camera.cheetah_gcamux enabled Time Lapse UI (this parameter must be enabled ( if disabled, then the camera mode is “Video”, the mode is “Acceleration”, it freezes when recording ))
camera.cheetah_hq Time Lapse High Quality?? (correct recording in the accelerated video shooting mode ( if disabled, it records broken video ))
camera.cheetah_lock_af_static enabled Timelapse AF Lock (access to refocusing during video shooting, if disabled, then refocusing is not possible)
camera.cheetah_snapshot enabled enables the ability to take a freeze frame during accelerated shooting in the video (an additional button appears)
camera.cheetah_upperbound_enabled enabled border / limit / limit?? Shows suggestion based on content enabled Shows suggestion based on phones pitch enabled Shows suggestion based on phones tilt (level display on the plane (when the phone is turned by the camera to the ground or sky, if thecamera.fc_extractiondisabled – does not work)) enabled fast level display on the plane enabled enabled displaying horizon lines to accurately align the phone’s position enabled Shows suggestion based on horizon tilt (displaying the horizon position level) enabled Shows suggestion based on horizon tilt without Face Detection (disabling the display of the horizon position level if a face is defined in the frame)
CAMERA.COACH.LONG_LOCK enabled 10 enabled enabled Shows suggestion based on scene detection Shows suggestion based on angle of selfie enabled
camera.cutout_display when enabled, switching between camera modes is very long
camera.cutout_trial_size 0 0
camera.cuttle.custom_timeout_ms 1500 1500 (in milliseconds, i.e. 1.5s = 1500ms)
camera.cuttle.enable_timeout Astro Timeout (Cuttle – Astro Settings)
camera.cuttle.extended enabled Enable Astro (display “Astrophotography” buttons for defining astrophotography, but for some reason it does not automatically detect it, and a quick button to turn on astrophotography on the screen also starts to work)
camera.cuttle.extended_iterable_burst enabled Enable Astro iterable Burst
camera.cuttle.fastaf Optimise AF in Astro / Night (reduces the countdown from the start of shooting due to fast autofocus (from 4 seconds to 1))
camera.cuttle.glpreview OpenGL in viewfinder for night/Astro
camera.cuttle.max_burst_size 15
camera.cuttle.motion_ef enabled Automatically modify shutter speed based on motion in scene Enabled
camera.cuttle.rerun_fd enabled restart face detection after shot Enabled Optimise Astro
camera.cuttle.sky_eager_init Optimise Astro
camera.cuttleface_edu enabled Suggestion for Face astro? (enables the display of the help button)
camera.ddepth_front enabled Dynamic Depth (try to keep it disabled)
camera.ddpeth_rear enabled Dynamic Depth Rear Cam (try to keep it disabled)
camera.double_tap_launch_bottom_sheet 2
camera.double_tap_launch_edu_enabled enabled
camera.dualev.singleKnob Shadow slider for HDRnet devices (Disabled) (instant HDR + shooting, if you change the position of the exposure scale (appears when focusing by tap), then the flash options are turned off (they are connected again when the focus is reset, its action also affects the front camera), but double exposure itself will not work, it is only for Pixel phones (according to sources), i.e. the parameter somehow works, but not as intended)
camera.enable_cheetah enabled Enable Timelapse Enabled
camera.enable_coach enabled Enable suggestion Enabled (enable Coach instructor)
camera.enable_cuttlef enabled Enable night Enabled
camera.enable_hound enabled Enable large circle in viewfinder (for Focus)
camera.enable_imax enabled Enable panorama
camera.enable_inapp_update enabled
camera.enable_lenslite Google Lens (Only works on Package)
camera.enable_lkcnry enabled
camera.enable_lvesper Light effect
camera.enable_micro enabled Enable Motion Photo – Enables the “Great Shot”
camera.enable_mvesper enabled Medium effect Beautification
camera.enable_vesper enabled Face beauty Enabled – enables the display of face retouching parameters on the front camera
camera.enable_zebras Pixel Alignment in Preview(view finder) Generally Disabled
camera.estrella_login_enabled enabled
camera.extra_zoom_linger enabled when zooming not by buttons (x1, x2, etc.), the zoom bar expands into a line and does not collapse back into buttons
camera.f_tuning 0
camera.faceannouncer enabled
camera.falcon_flush_sample_count 150
camera.familiar_faces enabled Familiar Faces Option (Enables the ability to detect familiar faces)
camera.familiar_faces_awb Adjusts the white balance of familiar faces to more accurately detect skin color
camera.fc_extraction enabled without this parameter, the level on the plane will not work –
camera.fc_orientation enabled
camera.first_preview_frame 1
camera.flash_anim_fade_in_ms 66
camera.flash_anim_fade_out_ms 166
camera.flash_anim_max_alpha 0.76
camera.front.backgroundIlluminationColor -855643953
camera.front.flashColor -5937 Front Flash Color -5937 (Color seems to not work.. So may or may not work)
camera.front.translucentSelfieIllumination enabled Enabled (translucency of the front flash to see yourself in the screen)
camera.front.viewfinderIlluminationColor -855643953 Front Viewfinder Color -855643953 (Default, Donot change)
camera.front_lens_indicator front camera light animation (in this, on the Pixel 6 interface, the camera is not in the place where it is on our phone)
camera.gouda.allow_raw_blur_front Portrait Blur RAW Front Cam
camera.gouda.allow_raw_blur_rear enabled Portrait Blur RAW Rear Cam
camera.gouda.allow_widest_front sets the default zoom to x1, instead of x1.5 (which is strange, the “Disable portrait zoom” option in the LMC Tweaks settings does not work)
camera.gouda.depth_use_opencl Portrait Depth Open CLpreview (Generally Disabled )
camera.gouda.depthdata enabled Portrait Depth Data
camera.gouda.firefly_cpu enabled Portrait Synthetic Fill Flash use CPU Disabled
camera.gouda.firefly_enabled Synthetic Fill Flash Portrait Disabled
camera.gouda.firefly_xeno_jet_cl camera freezes when saving
camera.gouda.matting_enabled improves depth of field processing, highlighting hair more accurately Image matting is the process of extracting a precise alpha matte that separates foreground and background objects in an image. This technique has been traditionally used in the filmmaking and photography industry for image and video editing purposes, e.g., background replacement, synthetic bokeh and other visual effects. Image matting assumes that an image is a composite of foreground and background images, and hence, the intensity of each pixel is a linear combination of the foreground and the background
camera.gouda.max_zoom 7
camera.gouda.object_portrait main camera freezes in portrait mode
camera.gouda.primary_raw enabled Portrait RAW
camera.gouda.raw Portrait RAW
camera.gouda.secondary_raw_height 1746
camera.gouda.secondary_raw_width 2328
camera.gouda.secondary_row_start 2
camera.gouda.shasta_zsl Portrait Shasta HDR+ (image enhancement in shadows and low light (shasta) with zero delay (zsl))
camera.gouda.single_output enabled Forces 1 image for Portrait (saves in the “Portrait” camera mode one frame processed with background blur, instead of two (processed and not processed))
camera.gouda.spotlight_enhance Stronger synthetic Fill Flash Portrait (selection of faces / objects, but it does not seem to work)
camera.gouda.spotlight_enhance_v2 selection of faces / objects of the new version, but it does not seem to work
camera.gouda.stdepth Depth Map for Object Portrait
camera.gouda.use_dynamic_depth enabled
camera.gouda_debug_img Saves Portrait Debug Images (DISABLE) (creates two additional frames in the “Portrait” camera mode (a frame with recognized faces in the image and a frame with a human alpha mask (black and white)))
camera.hdr_hvx.RESTART enabled
camera.hdr_plus_torch_thermal_throttling protection against overheating when shooting in HDR+
camera.hdrnet.height 768 768 (HDRNet mode frame height)
camera.hwhdr_intent enabled
camera.imax_reg_weight 0.1
camera.imax_sum_weight 50
camera.jpeg_data_rotation enabled Disabled (if the camera saves two frames, processed and unprocessed, then the processed frame, if this parameter is enabled, will be rotated by 90°)
camera.kepler_capture_threshold_ms 150000
camera.kepler_enabled enabled turns on the starry sky shooting mode (did not notice a significant difference, maybe there will be some differences in the starry sky at night)
camera.kepler_merge_frame_count 6
camera.kepler_min_frame_count 15
camera.kepler_strem_enabled enabled recording video while shooting stars (if you close the camera and shoot, there will be no video, maybe at night, it will work when shooting stars)
camera.lasagna.max_psl_duration 7
camera.lasagna.max_psl_frame_count 16
camera.lasagna.shot_type 2
camera.lasagna_smarts_session_frequency 3
camera.launch_vfe.downscale 0.5
camera.launch_vfe.start_fade 0
camera.launch_vfe.start_radius_px 5
camera.launch_vfe_decay_mills 225
camera.launch_vfe_start_scale 1.1
camera.lenslite.enable_dynamic_loading enabled
camera.lenslite.enable_lightweight_suggestions enabled
camera.lenslite.ornament_vr enabled Playground (may not work on most Gcams)
camera.lenslite.trivial_feature_enabled_bits 0
camera.location_default enabled
camera.logger_throttle_millis 5000
camera.longp_top_shot_animation 2 apparently some kind of animation (type) for the best frame
camera.longp_topshot_indicator shows the indicator of recording the best frame / best moment in the mode “Great shot”
camera.longp_zoom_lock “Great Shot” record lock to free fingers/hands.
camera.longshot_lazy_proc enabled
camera.longshot_xtra_frames enabled Nightsight Extra frames?
camera.manual_focus_enabled enabled Manual Focus Options on NS
camera.manual_focus_infinity enabled Show Infinity Focus Button
camera.micro_bottom_sheet enabled Show button Motion photo tutorial – Enables the display of a button with the instruction
camera.micro_early_ls enabled
camera.micro_full_color_range recording in the bt.709 codec + capturing the full color range
camera.micro_gcamux enabled
camera.micro_longp_help display help on screen
camera.micro_longp_md enabled
camera.micro_longp_mp4 enabled
camera.micro_longp_slide zoom during recording (swipe up/down)
camera.micro_ls_cancel enabled
camera.micro_ls_cthreshold 800
camera.micro_motion enabled
camera.micro_newtrimmer enabled
camera.micro_tooltip enabled
camera.micro_v2_format enabled
camera.mts_aesthetic_diversity enabled
camera.mts_durfix_ls enabled
camera.mts_durfix_ts enabled
camera.mts_enable_nima_v2 enabled
camera.mts_face_diversity enabled
camera.mts_fast_hdr enabled
camera.mts_func_encoder enabled
camera.mts_gpu enabled
camera.mts_gpu_yuv enabled
camera.mts_hw_enc_w enabled
camera.mts_long_shot_diversity enabled
camera.mts_motion_photo_threshold enabled
camera.mts_new_topshot_weight enabled
camera.mts_newscore enabled
camera.mts_postproc enabled
camera.mts_postview enabled
camera.mts_prewarm enabled
camera.mts_wait_ef enabled
camera.mv_no_double_close enabled
camera.no_media_type_none_on_q_or_above enabled
camera.nonzsl_extended_base_frame_selection enabled
camera.nonzsl_frame_count 0
camera.onscreen_logcat_filter Gca
camera.optbar.icons_on_closed_menu enabled adds a graphic element (gear and others) to the settings button when the settings panel is collapsed ( if the parameter camera.optbar.standalone_settings_button is disabled , the camera freezes and only a full reset helps )
camera.optbar.show_auto_flash_option adds a flash icon /night shooting if they are in auto mode
camera.optbar.standalone_settings_button enabled makes the settings button standalone (without this parameter, camera.optbar.icons_on_closed_menu and camera.optbar.show_auto_flash_option cannot work )
camera.p3_available enabled
camera.pck_large_yuv enabled Camera Tracking Focus.. Yuv
camera.progress_overlay enabled
camera.promote_night_sight enabled
camera.psaf_3a_motion_thres_pxls 300
camera.r_pending_vids enabled
camera.raw_mode enabled Enables the display of the “RAW + JPG Mode Control” item in the “Advanced Settings” settings, which in turn enables the display of the JPG or RAW + JPG toggle button in the options panel
camera.sabre_unzoomed_ns Sabre Night Off Disabled
camera.sabre_unzoomed_tele Sabre Tele cam Off Disabled
camera.shasta.factor 0
camera.shasta.frame_retention_ms -2147483648 0
camera.shasta_psl Shasta HDR+
camera.shasta_zsl Shasta HDR+
camera.shasta_zsl.max_exptime_ms 66.666664
camera.shot_tracking enabled
camera.shot_tracking.stuck_age_seconds 30
camera.sparrow enabled
camera.spatial_rgb_enabled something related to noise reduction
camera.swiss_tooltip_max_count -1
camera.thread_throttling enabled
camera.toggle_zoom_bar enabled Enable/Disable between Zoom Bar to Zoom Steps
camera.toggle_zoom_ui_type SGCam Specific Settings
camera.use_smarts_api enabled
camera.use_video_resolution_option enabled Enable button video resolution – enables in the settings panel to select video resolution in video mode, only for the main camera
camera.vesper_bottomsheet enabled enables the display of the instruction button for retouching
camera.vesper_tooltip enabled
camera.video_preview_frame_extra_Delay 0
camera.video_test_animation_renderer_type 1
camera.white_level_front SGCam Specific Setting for Adjusting the white level in photos
camera.white_level_id4 SGCam Specific Setting for Adjusting the white level in photos
camera.white_level_id5 SGCam Specific Setting for Adjusting the white level in photos
camera.white_level_main SGCam Specific Setting for Adjusting the white level in photos
camera.white_level_tele SGCam Specific Setting for Adjusting the white level in photos
camera.white_leve_wide SGCam Specific Setting for Adjusting the white level in photos
camera.zoom.initial_Zoom 1
camera.zsl.extended_buffer_factor 1
camera_hermes_gc_enabled enabled
camera_hermes_interval_seconds 28800
camera_mts_actions_back enabled
camera_mts_actions_front enabled
camera_mts_aesthetic enabled
camera_mts_face_interactions enabled
camera_perfetto_trigger_millis 2000
camera_slow_launch_dialog_trigger_ms 2000
camera_vision_kit_enabled enabled
camera_zoom_slider_tap_to_show shows the full zoom slider, when focusing by tap, instead of buttons (1x / 2x) (if camera.toggle_zoom_bar is enabled )
camera_zoom_tobble_long_press_duration_ms 150
content_detection_enabled enabled
cvk_frame_supply_fps 15
default_aspect_ratio Disabled – in the settings panel, sets the default “Aspect Ratio” parameter to 16:9, instead of the original 4:3 ratio.
detect_face_on_front_camera enabled For Face Enhance Enabled
detect_face_on_non_front_camera enabled
device.board SGCam Specific “Default” Settings (Used in XML), Donot Change
device.manufacturer SGCam Specific “Default” Settings (Used in XML), Donot Change
device.model SGCam Specific “Default” Settings (Used in XML), Donot Change SGCam Specific “Default” Settings (Used in XML), Donot Change
device_config 0 To Mimic Interface Design (0-Auto, 1 Pixel4a, 2 Pixel4a5g, 3 Pixel5, 4 Pixel5a, 5 Pixel6, 6 Pixel6Pro)
dirty_lens_detector_timeout 15000 15000 (time to detect a dirty lens (in milliseconds, i.e. 15s = 15000ms))
dynamic_loading_from_playground enabled Enabled (parameter for ARCore, i.e. augmented reality (live stickers, like Omoji))
enable_bounce_animation_on_social_share_menu enabled
enable_countdown_indicator enabled To enable/disable “Timer Light” in settings (Timer Light doesnot work anyway)
enable_dng_compression enabled
enable_hevc_setting HEVC Video Enabled (turns on the HEVC (h.265) video encoding mode, the parameter in the settings starts working.)
enable_mars enabled
enable_social_share enabled Social Share Enabled (enables the display of the “Share on social networks” panel after taking a picture above the “Gallery” button)
enumeration_failures_after_reboot_threshold 2147483647
enumeration_failures_before_reboot_threshold 2147483647
exif_model_make_sanitization_enabled enabled Enable exif name device Enabled
face_retouching_default_setting 0
falcon_threshold 2
fast_scan_fps 2
fast_scan_pass_through enabled
fast_scan_pass_through_interval 1.5
fatal_error_tracker_days_to_reset 4
fatal_failures_after_reboot_threshold 2147483647
fatal_failures_before_reboot_threshold 2147483647
field_of_view_millidegrees -1
filmstrip_maximum_smooth_pixels 22500000
filmstrip_tiny_bounds 512
flash_intensity_for_photo_modes 125
flounder_threshold 3
focus_tracking_threshold 3
fps_video_setting_writeable enabled
g 6
gcam.hdrplus_wb_source 0
gcam.max_burst_size 7 enabled
gcam.sabre_burst_size 12 Sabre Burst Merge 12 6 2 4 enabled
gcam.temporal_binning_burst_size 14
gcam.zsl_buffer_size 9
gcam.zsl_ns.forcedtbfactor -1
gcam_capture_thread_count 2
gcam_finish_thread_count 6
gcam_merge_thread_count 6
google_lens_enabled enabled
google_lens_min_supported_photos_app_version 3.6
google_llv_30_fps_non_4k enabled
gouda_default_zoom_factor_back 1 Default zoom on portrait 1.5 (initial zoom position for the main camera in Portrait mode)
gouda_default_zoom_factor_front_for_test 1 initial zoom position for the front camera in Portrait mode in test mode
gouda_doubletap_zoom_factor 2 2 (double tap zoom in Portrait mode)
hdr_net_threshold 3
hdrnet_enabled forcibly turns on HDRNet mode, it cannot be disabled by a button, only in the developer options.
hermes_activity_finish_millis 1800000
high_performance_ipe_supported enabled
hybrid_ae_supported Generally Disabled
ideal_aov_rad 1.408535
LENS_SUGGESTION_Thermal_Threshold 2
lenslite_threshold 2
lightcycle_enabled enabled Enabled (in the “More modes” section of the camera, enables the “3D panorama”)
makeup_default_setting 0
max_1080p_video_duration_seconds 0
max_2160p_video_duration_seconds 0
max_allowed_allocator_memory_mb -1
max_allowed_native_memory_mb -1
max_gouda_inflight_shots 5
max_hdr_plus_burst_frame_count 7
max_hdr_plus_imagereader_image_count 28
max_hfr_video_duration_seconds 0 0 (the maximum duration of the slow motion video)
max_imagereader_image_count 20
micro_video.supported Enables the display of options in the settings panel.
mn_enabled enabled enables the pale MN theme, instead of the standard black-blue. Also “required” for enabling Themed icons in A12
mts_aesthetic_diversity enabled
mts_face_diversity enabled
mts_long_shot_diversity enabled
ois_api_supported enabled OIS API Key Support Disabled
ois_api_version 2 OIS API Key Support -1
open_duration_threshold_for_fallback_millis 1000
p_or_higher enabled
p20_shutter_btn.enabled.RESTART enabled
portrait_availability enabled Show portrait mode Enabled (turns on the camera mode “Portrait”)
portrait_power_boost_duration_ms 0
portrait_threshold 2 4 (skin tone correction (white balance), the larger the value, the more “natural” skin (has values of 0,1,2, where 0 is colder shades, 1 – medium, 2 – warm))
portrait_use_ml enabled Use machine learning for depth estimation Enabled
portrait_use_pd enabled Use predict depth estimation Enabled
portrait_use_stereo Use stereo outline estimation Disabled
POST_CAPTURE_TEMPORAL_BINNING enabled Temporal Binning is for improved imaging speed and color accuracy
rectiface_shape_correction_threshold 3 Ultrawide Distortion Correction Threshold (Extent of Distortion Correction 0,1,2,3)
rectiface_support_level 0 Levels 0, 1, 2, whichever works in your phone
SABRE ALLOWED Sabre always on
scan_document_enabled enabled
scene_detection_enabled enabled
sdk.version 30
sensor_info_color_filter_front SGCam Specific Settings for Color Filters for Photos (0 to 4, with 0 being no filter)
sensor_info_color_filter_id4 SGCam Specific Settings for Color Filters for Photos (0 to 4, with 0 being no filter)
sensor_info_color_filter_id5 SGCam Specific Settings for Color Filters for Photos (0 to 4, with 0 being no filter)
sensor_info_color_filter_main SGCam Specific Settings for Color Filters for Photos (0 to 4, with 0 being no filter)
sensor_info_color_filter_tele SGCam Specific Settings for Color Filters for Photos (0 to 4, with 0 being no filter)
sensor_info_color_filter_wide SGCam Specific Settings for Color Filters for Photos (0 to 4, with 0 being no filter)
simple_metering_bright_bmm_threshold_back 250
simple_metering_bright_bmm_threshold_front 500
simple_metering_dark_bmm_threshold_back 80
simple_metering_dark_bmm_threshold_front 80
simultaneous_af_ae_trigger_supported enabled
slider.astro_time_reinitrestart SGCam Specific Setting for AstroTime “Slider Reset”
slider.saturation_reinitrestart SGCam Specific Setting for Saturation “Slider Reset”
smart_metering_bright_logsb_threshold_back -1
smart_metering_bright_logsb_threshold_front -0.3
smart_metering_dark_logsb_threshold_back -3.5
smart_metering_dark_logsb_threshold_front -3
smart_metering_dark_pib_threshold_back 115
smart_metering_dark_pib_threshold_front 115
smart_metering_threshold 2
squeeze_supported enabled Support for Pixel Squeeze Gesture Enabled
support_viewfinder_double_tap enabled Support Double Tap to Zoom Disabled Enabled (enables x2 magnification (zoom) by double tap on the
viewfinder (screen))
swiss_suggestion_sample_timeout_ms 2147483647
swiss_suggestion_sampling_period_ms 0
swiss_threshold 3
temporal_binning_threshold 2
test_only_camera_device_disable 3
test_only_camera_id_front -1
test_only_camera_id_rear -1
test_only_camera_open_disable 3
test_only_open_duration_threshold_millis 0
total_exposure_threshold_front 2.40E+07 Minimum light to activate Astro or Night suggestion in front cam
total_exposure_threshold_rear 3.01E+07 Minimum light to activate Astro or Night suggestion in back cam
unflipped_selfie_default Disabled (should work like “Set default to ‘Keep selfies as they are'” i.e. invert the button in the “Standard settings” section or force save in original form, but this does not work)
unflipped_selfie_enabled enabled Enabled (Enables the “Keep selfies as they are” button in the “Standard settings”)
UNLOCK_AF_AE_WITH_SCENE_CHANGE_for_front_cam enabled “Unlock autofocus and autoexposure if the scene has changed”, i.e. unlock ae and af when something has
changed in the frame
use_immersive_rounded_corners Allows rounded corners in view (photo and video) Enabled (Rounds the corners in the viewfinder interface when using video mode or 16:9 aspect ratio, does not affect images, only the interface)
video_ts_threshold 3
zoom_override_enabled enabled

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