Google Camera 9.0 modes and functions


It is impossible not to acknowledge that the Google camera has a unique set of features, including HDR+, Night Sight, panorama, and much more. Now let’s take a closer look at these capabilities!

Google Camera 9.0 Modes

Discover the latest features of GCam 9.0 and capture stunning photos.


This feature helps the camera software enhance the brightness of dark areas in photos and expand the dynamic range, making the shots more detailed. The Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) feature is also very useful – you don’t have to wait to capture the moment of your life. Although ZSL may not deliver as impressive results as Enhanced HDR+, the overall photo quality is significantly improved.

Enhanced HDR+ (Extended)

This mode allows the app to take multiple photos in a few seconds and then merge them into a single stunning shot with crisp details. Additionally, this mode adds more frames to night shots, so you can capture bright photos even without using the dedicated “Night Sight” mode. Usually, in low-light conditions, you need to hold the phone steady for the software to capture all the details.


The portrait mode on the Google camera has made significant progress in recent years and can now compete with the iPhone camera. Although the depth perception may be slightly inaccurate at times due to hardware limitations, you can still capture sharp portrait shots with the Google camera.

Night Sight

Night mode on Google phones is definitely worth using as it provides accurate contrast and colors when capturing photos in low-light conditions using advanced technologies. Additionally, GCam also delivers excellent results if your phone supports optical image stabilization (OIS). In short, it works great with image stabilization.

AR Stickers

AR stickers provide the opportunity to enjoy augmented reality elements and create amazing detailed photos with fitting backgrounds. The AR sticker feature was first introduced on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and support for it continues to this day. Developers are constantly improving this feature to make it more user-friendly, including the ability to use AR stickers while recording videos.

Top Shot

As mentioned earlier, the camera app takes multiple photos to enhance contrast and color saturation. The same applies to the Top Shot mode, which selects the best frames from this series of photos and combines them using artificial intelligence to produce impressive results.


Photosphere is an enhanced version of the panorama mode available on regular phones. Instead of taking photos in a straight line, you can create panoramic images with a 360-degree view. This feature appeared on Google phones and can also be used as an ultra-wide-angle camera.

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