How to install Gcam

  • Download the apk file (use one of the suggested versions or choose one of the developers);
  • Install GCam by opening the APK file (how to install the APK file);
  • Customize the app using “suggested settings”, “configs” or settings specified in “Changes” (some mods don’t need any configuration);
  • Restart the app and enjoy!

Which gcam to install

There is no “universal” apk or configuration that works on all phones. Read why there are so many versions and developers on this page to understand why this happens and how you can find the best Google Camera version and settings for your phone.

Compatibility and requirements

  • Works only on phones with enabled camera2 API.
  • Mods are compatible with modern Snapdragon SoCs. Some versions work on some Exynos, Kirin and Mediatek phones, but usually with limitations.
  • ARM64, only very old versions (GCam 4) support 32 bits.
  • Latest apk may not work on older android versions.
  • GApps or microG type replacement required.
  • Only for Android.
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